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Entertaining software tool to introduce your kids to the world of painting
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The MagicBook is a free coloring and paint software tool for your kids. It comes with a nice-looking interface with animated bubbles and funny oversized icons. The program offers various types of brushes and pencils and different levels of difficulty, making it a truly entertaining tool for kids of all ages.

The program has been designed to be safe and easy to use. Its interface opens in full-screen mode, and it stays that way until you – and not your kids – close it. You will not find a button to minimize the program’s window, so that your kids cannot access any other applications installed on your system while you are away. It may not be very practical for you, but it will help you to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information. Moreover, you can add a password to the program, so that your kids are not tempted to interfere with your computer on their own.

The program comes with a set of “books”, each containing GIF pictures on a specific theme, which you can load for your kids. Alternatively, you can also load your own GIFs for your kids to color, or purchase an extra set of images specifically designed for the program. The color palette has been designed as an animated set of bubbles, each containing a different color. Kids can choose from a wide variety of brushes and pencils, which will allow them to paint and color their favorite images in an accurate and entertaining way.

The MagicBook combines simplicity and creativity with a safe environment for you and your computer. Thus, providing your kids with a funny and safe canvas for them to expand their artistic horizons will cost you nothing. Literally.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Nice-looking interface
  • Provides various levels of difficulty
  • Funny color selection through animated bubbles


  • The interface cannot be minimized
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